More on Teacher Turnover and Shortages

Holes in the Teacher Supply Bucket

 Published in the March 2002 issue of The School Administrator, this is a short two-page commentary piece on why the teacher shortage is a case of a wrong diagnosis and wrong prescriptions. Download a copy.


High Turnover Plagues Schools

 A one-page op-ed piece, appeared in USA Today, August 15, 2002. Download a copy.


The Wrong Solution to the Teacher Shortage

 Published in the May 2003 issue of Educational Leadership, this is a short 4-page article with data on the reasons for high beginning teacher attrition. Download a copy.


Why Do High-Poverty Schools have Difficulty Staffing Their Classrooms with Qualified Teachers?

 Commissioned and published by the Center for American Progress, this 30-page policy brief extends earlier work on teacher shortages and turnover by focusing on these problems in rural and urban high-poverty schools. Download a copy.


Is There Really a Shortage of Mathematics and Science Teachers? 

 A presentation by Dr. Ingersoll of his research on teacher turnover and shortages among math/science teachers. Presented at the Math Science Partnership Learning Network Conference on Jan. 31, 2006, Washington DC. To view the entire video of the presentation with accompanying slides and transcript, click here.


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