H. Gerald Campano

Associate Professor
Chair, Reading/Writing/Literacy Division

Graduate School of Education
University of Pennsylvania

Phone: 215-573-9611

Email: campano@gse.upenn.edu

Professional Biography

Dr. Campano is Associate Professor and Chair of the Reading/Writing/Literacy Division at University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. He has previously worked as a full-time classroom teacher in Texas, Puerto Rico, and California, and with adult English Language Learners in Philadelphia. Dr. Campano has earned numerous teaching awards at the elementary and university level and has over 50 academic publications. He is a Carnegie Scholar and the recipient of the David H. Russell Award for Distinguished Research from the National Council for the Teachers of English for his book Immigrant Students and Literacy: Reading, Writing, and Remembering.

Throughout his scholarship and teaching, Dr. Campano has been committed to creating opportunities for students to mobilize their identities and rich cultural resources in the literacy curriculum. In his current project—a now five-year research partnership with a multiethnic, multilingual Catholic parish and its school and community center—he seeks to explore questions such as the following:

  • How can universities foster sustained and ethical collaborations with community-based organizations?
  • In a period of increasing economic and social precarity, how do community members organize to provide resources and educational opportunities for their families?
  • What role might faith-based centers play in such efforts?
  • What literacy practices and discourses are employed when individuals negotiate social, cultural, linguistic, and institutional boundaries to enact a shared vision of educational justice and immigrant rights?

Dr. Campano has been invited to present his research at a number of venues, including Stanford University, The Ohio State University, Brown University, University of Wisconsin, Arizona State University, University of Toronto-OISE, University of New Hampshire, American University, and University of Missouri. He has given keynotes for professional organizations such as the Association for Teacher Education and the National Council for the Teachers of English. He serves on the editorial boards of Research in the Teaching of English, Educational Researcher, Language Arts, and Literacy and Composition Studies.

"In Immigrant Students and Literacy, Campano has written about important and contentious topics such as accountability, language and literacy curriculum highly attuned to refugee experiences, the problematic nature of 'best practices' and 'research-based,' and teaching as ethical practice. Campano's writing on these weighty topics has benefited from a light – better, a poetic – hand, producing a graceful, accessible and moving text." – NCTE Press Release regarding the David H. Russell Award


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Recent and Selected Publications

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