Alan Ruby

Senior Fellow
Senior Scholar, Penn AHEAD

Higher Education Division

Graduate School of Education
University of Pennsylvania

Phone: 215-573-9417


Professional Biography

Alan Ruby has a substantial career in government, business, philanthropy, and education. His experience includes being a classroom teacher, the Australian Deputy Secretary of Education, and chair of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s (OECD) education committee. At the University of Pennsylvania, Mr. Ruby is a senior scholar in the Alliance for Higher Education and Democracy (AHEAD) and focuses on the effects of globalization on universities and education around the world. A highly regarded teacher, he leads graduate seminars on “Globalization and the University.” He received Penn GSE’s Excellence in Teaching Award in 2006.

He currently serves as a consultant to the World Bank, an adviser to the Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, the Nazarbayev University in Kazakhstan, the Head Foundation in Singapore, and the American Institutes of Research. In 2015 he was made a member of the Order of Australia for significant service to international education through global reform initiatives and his work with philanthropic organizations. 

Mr. Ruby was a senior executive of one of the world’s premier grant-making groups, The Atlantic Philanthropies, and served as director of the Human Development Sector for the East Asia Region of the World Bank. He led the World Bank’s programs in education, health, and social insurance in twelve countries, including China, Vietnam, and Indonesia. 

Mr. Ruby served for over six years as Australia’s Deputy Secretary of Employment, Education, Training, and Youth Affairs, where he was responsible for primary and secondary education, higher education, and vocational education and training. He chaired the education programs of the OECD, spearheading the development of education metrics comparing school results across member countries, including the development of a new assessment regime (PISA). He was also a member of the Scientific Advisory Group that created the framework for the flagship OECD publication Education at a Glance. Early in his career, he was a teacher and an official in the state government of New South Wales.

Research Interests and Current Projects

Mr. Ruby maintains a long-standing interest in education reform, globalization, alliances between unions and governments, and the role of education in developing economies. In collaboration with colleagues at Penn, he has been examining the opportunities massive open online courses (MOOCs) offer to increase access to higher education and learning. 

Selected Publications

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