Frances O'Connell Rust

Senior Fellow
Director, Teacher Education Program

Teaching, Learning, and Leadership Division

Graduate School of Education
University of Pennsylvania

Phone: 215-573-2990


Professional Biography

Frances O’Connell Rust is a Senior Fellow and Director of Teacher Education programs at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. She is Professor Emeritus at New York University’s Steinhardt School of Education where she was a professor of education between 1991 and 2007 and directed the undergraduate programs in early childhood and elementary education. She has published widely on topics related to teacher preparation and teacher quality.  Her awards include the AERA Outstanding Dissertation Award (1985), the ATE award for Distinguished Research in Teacher Education (2001), and the NAECTE Outstanding Teacher Educator Award (2008). As well, she has written on teacher-driven action research and school improvement. She serves on the editorial boards of the journals, Teaching and Teaching—theory and practice, Voices of Practitioners (an online journal for ed teacher research), and the Teacher Education Quarterly.  She is a member of the AERA – Division K summit on Teacher Education and, for the group’s forthcoming volume edited by Etta Hollins on clinical practice in teacher education, she has written a chapter with Renee Clift, “Moving from Recommendations to Action in Preparing Professional Educators.” She is the faculty advisor for Urban Perspectives – the online journal of Penn GSE.  Frances Rust’s recent publications include editing the August 2009 special issue of the Teachers College Record focused on teacher action research, editorship the February 2013 special issue of the Journal of Early Childhood Teacher Education on “Early Childhood Teacher Education: Why does it matter? How does it matter?,” and an article written with NancyLee Bergey on the UTEP program at Penn GSE: “Developing Action-Oriented Knowledge Among Preservice Teachers: Exploring Learning to Teach” that will appear in the forthcoming special issue of the Teacher Education Quarterly on the ecology of teacher education.