Philip Sirinides

Research Assistant Professor

Education Policy Division

Graduate School of Education
University of Pennsylvania


Professional Biography

Philip Sirinides is a statistician and researcher with expertise in the application of quantitative research methods and the development and use of integrated data systems for public sector planning and evaluation. His interests include early childhood programing, educational leadership, accountability policy, and comprehensive school reform. 

Currently, Dr. Sirinides is a Senior Researcher at the Consortium for Policy Research in Education (CPRE), where he plans and conducts studies in the areas of estimating intervention impacts and measuring teacher effectiveness. Formerly, as Director of Research and Evaluation for Early Childhood at the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Dr. Sirinides developed and implemented a broad research program to inform and promote the effectiveness of Pennsylvania’s children and family services. There, he was instrumental in the development of Pennsylvania’s unified early childhood data system, the Early Learning Network, which is nationally recognized as a leader in generating and using evidence to promote accountable and higher quality early childhood systems. He has regularly prepared reports for policy makers, practitioners, and the public, as well as for national conferences and peer-reviewed journals.

Research Interests and Current Projects

Dr. Sirinides is currently leading the CPRE project ECDataWorks—an innovative initiative designed to provide selected states with technical, financial, and infrastructure support to conceptualize and develop new tools and strategies to advance their existing early childhood integrated data systems (ECIDS). ECDataWorks is funded by the W. K. Kellogg Foundation and helps bridge the gap between data collection and strategic data use.

Selected Publications

Sirinides, P., Fink, R., & DuBois, T. (2017). A study of early learning services in museums and libraries. Early Childhood Education Journal.

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Gray, A., Sirinides, P., Fink, R., Flack, A., DuBois, T., Morrison, K., & Hill, K. (2017). Discipline in context: Suspension, climate, and PBIS in the School District of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, PA: CPRE Research Reports.

Ingersoll, R. M., Sirinides, P., & Dougherty, P. (2017). School leadership, teachers’ roles in school decisionmaking, and student achievement. Philadelphia, PA: Consortium for Policy Research in Education Working Papers.

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